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The Scar that Heals

“Whenever we give up, leave behind, and forget too much, there is always the danger that the things we have neglected will return with added force.” ~ Carl Jung The above quote contains an important cautionary tale. In psychotherapy I often see people that believe that they have resolved an issue, only to see it […]

Is Houston a Safe Place to Live?

How do you determine where Houston is a safe place to live, work or walk around? A 2013 poll conducted by Gallup-Healthways Well Being Index said that 63 percent of Houstonians feel safe. That’s lower than the national average of 72 percent. And according to the Kinder Institute Houston Area Survey, crime as a number […]

Back to School!

When I went away to college, Western Kentucky University, I remember the day before classes started my freshman year. I walked up the hill and felt an excitement, an anticipation of what was to come. I did not know the changes I was about to encounter educationally and personally, but I knew in my bones […]

Houston Matters with Dr. Michael Winters

Michael spoke yesterday (August 13, 2014) on the KUHF (NPR Houston) show Houston Matters on the topic of Anger Management.  Michael’s segment starts at minute 26. Traffic, the heat, fast-paced workplaces. These Houston characteristics alone can make your blood boil at times. But when does getting angry become enough of a problem to seek treatment? […]

The Comedian’s Suicide

Robin William’s death on August 11, 2014 has stimulated social dialogue as well as personal reflection for many who were entertained by him over the years. As a psychologist who counsels people experiencing depression, and those grieving (sometime due to suicide of a loved one), and teaches classes about mental health and depression, I think […]

…Patiently Waiting for MY Turn

As a couples counselor I assist many couples and individuals in learning new ways to communicate. I have noticed an important difference in my clients who ‘get it’ and those who do not. Most of my clients can learn the skills of empathic communication and deeper connection. Skills are not enough – there has to […]

Main Causes of Divorce

It is widely known that divorce is common –  too common!  Whether the actual divorce rate is 50% or slightly less than that, it is still alarmingly high.  What shifts from the time we say “till death do we part” to “I want out, NOW?” What Do The Numbers Say? Researchers have studied the reasons […]

Women Becoming Visible

Over the years as a couple’s counselor – I have seen a number of couples where the woman feels silent, unheard, invisible. The pattern is widespread and not limited to a certain “type” of woman or couple. There is a broad range of women who feel this way: successful career women (some who are the […]

Father of Fourteen: A Model of Meaning

Samuel Winters was a quiet, mild mannered “Southern Gentleman”. He was also a father of fourteen children, a school principal, a historian, a horticulturalist and civic leader. In some ways Dad’s life was simple, even ordinary. But the informal education he provided to me and my siblings is profound. Listed below are only a few […]

Ironing My Shirt Reflection

Although it is a task – a chore – I appreciate ironing my shirt. In preparing for my day I remind myself of the values I stand for and the values taught to me by my father and others. As I iron the yoke of this shirt I am reminded that I am ironing this […]