Top 10 Ways to Make the Most out of Therapy

Therapy can be an effective way of finding out the core issues that are causing you to experience certain negative emotions, and can aid you on the way to fixing aspects of your life that seem out of balance. However, while your therapy sessions may be good, you may find it difficult to get the […]

Overwhelmed by Choices? – Focus on your Deepest Values

I recently posted a comment on Facebook – (why I even read Facebook posts is another matter). The comment was about the TED talk by Barry Swartz on the Paradox of Choice. Schwartz claims that we have too many choices and it paralyzes us, rather than makes us freer. I responded and several people responded […]

Meaningful Bucket List Exercise


A bucket list can be a great tool for living a more meaningful life and living more in accordance with your values, but only if it is done with meaning.  I have used the following method for years with success and I hope it can help you build a more meaningful bucket list for your […]

10 Surprising Statistics about Marriage

Matrimony is the source of joy for many people around the world but we have rarely ever conducted research on this merry gift of life. The following few points will provide a vivid insight into the few very astonishing and extremely interesting facts of marriage that people never really think about. 1. An average married […]