Major Concerns that Trouble Children When Parents Divorce

Divorce is difficult on all impacted by it. The children of divorce have significant fears and challenges to meet to remain healthy and happy. A significant part of couples counseling often focuses on monitoring child-psychology. Here are some major concerns that a child faces during divorce. Fear of abandonment Whenever a marriage is ended the […]

Main Causes of Divorce

It is widely known that divorce is common -  too common!  Whether the actual divorce rate is 50% or slightly less than that, it is still alarmingly high.  What shifts from the time we say “till death do we part” to “I want out, NOW?” What Do The Numbers Say? Researchers have studied the reasons […]

Women Becoming Visible

Over the years as a couple’s counselor – I have seen a number of couples where the woman feels silent, unheard, invisible. The pattern is widespread and not limited to a certain “type” of woman or couple. There is a broad range of women who feel this way: successful career women (some who are the […]

Planning a Career Change? 10 Must-Ask Questions

If you are planning for a career change, the entire process may prove to be a bit quite challenging for you initially. The process will be easier if you have a clear roadmap showing you where you have been, the point you are right now, and where you are headed. It is true that every […]

5 Ways to Stay Connected When Angry

Holding anger may be a poison according to Mitch Albom, but unleashing the intense emotion can be equally venomous, at least for people who surround you, who love and care for you. You may think being a part of your family and meeting the requirements of your family members financially and otherwise is a liability […]