How is Meaning-Centered therapy different from other therapies?

Meaning-centered therapy believes that people seeking therapy are capable and whole – not broken. The problem is discovering the resources to improve your life that you already possess. Each person is different, so there is no formula that can be followed to improve life. Rather, improvement comes through dialogue and focus on ones deepest values.

Do I need individual or couples therapy?

This question is difficult to answer without more specific information about your situation. Call and we can briefly discuss on the phone prior to making an appointment.

Why is psychotherapy so expensive?

Hour for hour of direct psychotherapy service can seem expensive. However, with psychotherapy you get more than an hour of direct contact – you get years of training and experience that inform my work with you. Also, I think about your concerns, take detailed notes and review them, and may have brief contact with you outside of our scheduled sessions.

Think of psychotherapy as an investment in your well-being. Most of my clients report much higher satisfaction with their lives and relationships during and after psychotherapy.

Do you take insurance?

I am not on any insurance panels for a variety of reasons. First, involving insurance adds another party to the interaction. Insurance companies have their own financial interests that are not always the same interests as yours. Insurance companies may also set limits to treatment, want detailed information about progress, etc.

Second, insurance will require a diagnosis of a mental health condition. Once that diagnosis is disclosed to the insurance company, it is beyond your or my control. If you want to change insurance companies, you may be declined for the diagnosis on your record. You may be denied life insurance due simply to the fact that you received psychotherapy.

What if I can’t afford therapy?

Most of the time my clients and I can work out a solution, such as using a credit card or payment plan. Please feel free to discuss concerns about fees with me.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes, I accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards, debit cards, and medical spending account cards. I also accept personal checks and cash.

How much do you charge?

My fees are:

  • $250 for a one-hour session, whether with an individual or group.
  • Couples (and sometimes individuals) often get more out of a 90-minute meeting, which is charged at $375 per 90-minute session.
  • Discernment Counseling sessions are longer in nature. The first session lasts two hours, so it bills at $500 for the initial two-hour session. Ongoing sessions are generally 90 minutes and bill at $375 per 90-minute session.
  • Retirement Transition Consultation is $250 for a one-hour meeting

Reduced Rate: In certain circumstances, I am willing to discuss a modified
fee for clients (for example, I am happy to offer full-time students and public school teachers a discounted rate).

If you are interested in working with me but do not think that the fee is
manageable, please call me to discuss your situation. If we both feel that I
may be the best person to work with you, we can work to find a fee that
honors my professional time and energy and fits in your budget.

For public speaking, training, workshops, or Collaborative Divorce services
please contact me directly here.