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Flooded! (with meaning potentials)

The last few weeks for folks in the Houston area have been a blur. Many people have lost their homes, possessions and some, their lives. The entire community has suffered a multitude of losses, and the grief is apparent – both in the shock of those who directly suffered, and the depression and guilt felt […]

Chipless Cookies and Other Motherly Love Lessons

Mothering a family of 16 has its unique challenges, to put it mildly. Not only did our mother raise all 14 of us kids, but she even somehow managed to find time to get a master’s degree with 13 of us between the ages of 1 and 18 at home (my youngest sister was not […]

What’s Wrong With the Pursuit of Happiness (Texas Bar)

Michael has started blogging on the Texas Bar website.  His latest post is What’s Wrong With the Pursuit of Happiness?  Here is an excerpt and link. Part 1: All emotions are needed to be whole. Since Thomas Jefferson penned the Declaration of Independence, the words “the pursuit of happiness” have served as a motto for […]

Understanding Melancholy: Depression Viewed from Clinical, Philosophical, and Literary Perspectives

Dates: Four Mondays, July 15-August 5 Location: Houston, Texas Cost: $180 ($160 Jung Center members) Credit: 8 CE hours Instructor: Michael Winters, Ph.D., Diplomate in Logotherapy Investigate the vastly complex “condition” of depression by viewing it from various perspectives. The modern clinical approach to understanding the course and symptoms of depression—the disease model—describes depression broadly […]