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Michael Joins Houston Matters to Talk About Gun Comfort

Michael joined Houston Matters this past week to discuss “Why Are Some People Afraid of Guns, While Others Feel Safer When They’re Around?”.  Here is the excerpt from the Houston Matters website. As the Texas Legislature takes on open carry and campus carry bills, psychologist Michael Winters joins us to contemplate what goes on in […]

Growing Apart

There is no denying that life is chaotic. A marriage might begin with making plans, setting goals and discussing dreams, but then “life happens.” A question we often neglect however, is “when life happens,” how does it impact your marriage? And furthermore, have you let the stressors of life turn into a reason for why […]

Restoring Commitment Within Your Relationship

The word commitment seems to have lost its integrity over the years It is no surprise that lack of commitment was listed as the number one response in a poll * about the main causes of divorce. But when one dissects the meaning of the word commitments — dedication, devotion, loyalty and faithfulness, it’s easy […]

Major Concerns that Trouble Children When Parents Divorce

Divorce is difficult on all impacted by it. The children of divorce have significant fears and challenges to meet to remain healthy and happy. A significant part of couples counseling often focuses on monitoring child-psychology. Here are some major concerns that a child faces during divorce. Fear of abandonment Whenever a marriage is ended the […]

Planning a Career Change? 10 Must-Ask Questions

If you are planning for a career change, the entire process may prove to be a bit quite challenging for you initially. The process will be easier if you have a clear roadmap showing you where you have been, the point you are right now, and where you are headed. It is true that every […]

5 Ways to Stay Connected When Angry

Holding anger may be a poison according to Mitch Albom, but unleashing the intense emotion can be equally venomous, at least for people who surround you, who love and care for you. You may think being a part of your family and meeting the requirements of your family members financially and otherwise is a liability […]

Being a Couple, Not Two Individuals

“For the two of us, home isn’t a place. It is a person. And we are finally home” says Stephanie Perkins. Romantic relationships are a lot more about being happily together than being happy as individuals. To make a relationship last forever, one has to understand and fully live the concepts of commitment and togetherness, […]

Seasons of Relationships: How Love Changes Over Time

Richard Lewis, famous American actor and comedian, once said: “When you fall in love, it’s the most glorious two and a half days of your life.” What could have been the thought that drove him to write something like that? Or more precisely, why did he assign only a short span, to the glory in […]