New Career Exploration Process Posted

Michael has recently posted a Career Exploration Process page to his site.  It is a guide that you can use in your own journey and includes helpful steps and a matrix you can fill out on your own. Career Exploration Process/

The Continuing Search for Meaning, Jun 2013

Welcome to the third edition of the Continuing Search for Meaning monthly newsletter. This edition introduces a new course: Understanding Melancholy: Depression Viewed from Clinical, Philosophical, and Literary Perspectives, to be offered at the Jung Center this summer; reviews a book Logotherapy Revisited – which may be of interest, and shares an essay about Bob, […]

Book Review: Logotherapy Revisited: Review of the Tenets of Viktor Frank’s Logotherapy

Logotherapy Revisited offers a comprehensive yet brief summary of the principles, philosophy, and techniques of logotherapy. Indeed, I consider it a Desk Reference for Logotherapy. One of the complaints about logotherapy is that the texts about the philosophical underpinnings are often dense and thus difficult for introductory students to grasp. Logotherapy Revisited offers a great […]

Grieving Lost Youth

Working out on the treadmill with ear buds in and music turned up – “Little ditty about Jack and Dianne…” a John (Cougar) Mellencamp song comes up on my I-tunes play list. As I was running (in place) along, I was transported back to 1982. There on the treadmill I started grieving my lost youth. […]

Bob, the Turtle Man – A True Angel

Do Angel’s exist? I think so, but maybe not in the form most of us think of. I recently met an angel by the name of Bob. Bob is a 78 year old effervescent bachelor. I met Bob through the widow of a quadriplegic man, Jerry. Jerry met Bob one day when Jerry needed some […]

Understanding Melancholy: Depression Viewed from Clinical, Philosophical, and Literary Perspectives

Dates: Four Mondays, July 15-August 5 Location: Houston, Texas Cost: $180 ($160 Jung Center members) Credit: 8 CE hours Instructor: Michael Winters, Ph.D., Diplomate in Logotherapy Investigate the vastly complex “condition” of depression by viewing it from various perspectives. The modern clinical approach to understanding the course and symptoms of depression—the disease model—describes depression broadly […]

The Continuing Search for Meaning, May 2013

Welcome to the second edition of the Continuing Search for Meaning monthly newsletter.  This edition reviews a great new book – SQ21: The 21 Skills of Spiritual Intelligence, presents a short essay – the Marathon of Life – partially inspired by the recent Boston Marathon bombing, and introduces a series of articles about how to discover meaning in life […]