When to Seek Counseling

There are a variety of reasons for seeking the help of a psychologist, and many may wonder when to seek treatment and when to handle the issues on their own. Whether you are considering couples therapy or individual help, a general guideline is to ask for assistance when your state is impacting your daily life. If feelings of depression have become overwhelming, you feel sad or angry most of the time, have great difficulty communication with the people in your life, have panic attacks, or your choices are harming yourself or others, it may be a good idea to consider therapy.

However, counseling is not just for those dealing with things like depression or anxiety. Other instances when one may choose to consult with a therapist are during big life changes, such as before marriage, when considering a career change, when you or a family member is facing a long-term illness, or after divorce. Therapy can be used to help you make big decisions as well as transition to new stages of life.

Michael Winters is a Psychologist in Houston focusing on marriage counseling and therapy. Michael received his PhD from the University of Memphis and has been practicing since 1991.