About Me

Dr Michael Winters photoSince a young age, I have been closely observing human interaction. Initially, this was not so much out of interest, but out of survival! Not only do I come from a family of 14 children, but I am a twin as well. The fifth youngest of the herd (my sister was born 15 minutes after me), I had to learn quickly to navigate a myriad of personalities and, partly as a result, my interest in and appreciation of intimate relationships developed.

In spite (or perhaps because) of the chaos that defined my adolescence, I managed to develop a strong sense of my own personality and needs, which helped me identify psychology as a discipline that I wanted to pursue. I graduated with a B.A. in Psychology and Speech Communication from Western Kentucky University and decided to pursue a Master’s Degree in Counseling and Personnel Services. However, I realized along the way that I desired deeper understanding, and in 1991, I received a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Memphis.

Shortly thereafter, I moved to Houston and worked at the Rice University Counseling Center. I began at Rice University as a staff psychologist and was ultimately named the Director of the Counseling Center. The focus during my coursework, research, and thesis for my Ph.D. had been issues particular to young adults, yet after several years as Director, I realized that I missed the practice of psychology and working with a wider age group. As a result, I decided to devote myself to my private practice.

As I continue to learn and grow as a psychologist, I seek out ideas and situations that challenge and expose me in an attempt to improve the quality of therapy I provide my clients. I have served as an officer in the Houston Psychological Association for over seven years, having occupied the positions of Secretary-Treasurer and President, and am currently serving on the Board of Directors.

In addition, I specialize in the practice of logotherapy, a school of psychotherapy developed by Austrian psychiatrist Viktor Frankl, which emphasizes the importance in finding meaning in life in all circumstances. (Frankl was interned in a concentration camp during the Holocaust and wrote the international bestseller Man’s Search for Meaning describing how even in these horrendous conditions people discovered meaning). Logotherapy goes beyond diagnosis and symptom alleviation to address the core issues in improving quality of life. I have devoted several years of advanced study and supervision in this field of study, and I am the only mental health practitioner in Houston who has obtained the Logotherapy Diplomate. This training has helped me find deeper ways to assist clients looking for fuller and richer lives. I now teach Logotherapy and supervise advanced practitioners in using Logotherapy and other meaning-centered approaches.

I pride myself on being sensitive to my clients’ needs and listening to not only what they are saying but also what they are not saying. With my experience and perspective, I find that this allows us to communicate deeply, and thus, best identify how together we can discover new ways to appreciate, enjoy, and improve their quality of life.

A formal listing of my professional experiences (Curriculum Vitae) can be found here.