Can We Have Spiritual Health and Financial Wealth?

Date: Sat, Apr 6
Time: 10 am – 1 pm
Location: The Jung Center, Houston, TX
Cost: $60 ($50 Jung Center members)
Instructor: Michael Winters, Ph.D., Diplomate in Logotherapy

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Is there a conflict between the spiritual life and material comfort? Major world religions caution against affluence, yet western culture encourages us to develop and maintain fiscal wealth. How do we find a balance? This workshop explores psychological, social, and spiritual perspectives on wealth and the goal of living a meaningful life. Existential psychology and philosophy provide valuable ideas about managing the tension between the divine and material. Lecture, meditation, and exercises will explore our complicated relationship with money – and how we can navigate the paradoxes it can create in our lives.

How to Register

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Michael Winters is a Psychologist in Houston focusing on marriage counseling and therapy. Michael received his PhD from the University of Memphis and has been practicing since 1991.