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Book Review: Logotherapy Revisited: Review of the Tenets of Viktor Frank’s Logotherapy

Logotherapy Revisited offers a comprehensive yet brief summary of the principles, philosophy, and techniques of logotherapy. Indeed, I consider it a Desk Reference for Logotherapy. One of the complaints about logotherapy is that the texts about the philosophical underpinnings are often dense and thus difficult for introductory students to grasp. Logotherapy Revisited offers a great […]

Book Review: The Twenty-one Skills of Spiritual intelligence

Reviewed by Michael Winters, PhD Of what does the human spirit consist? Can spiritual development be measured? Is it possible to intentionally develop human spirit? These questions are fundamental to a new book by Houstonian, Cindy Wigglesworth. The book – SQ21: The Twenty-one Skills of Spiritual Intelligence explores not only the measurement, but also the […]